COUGARS Scientific Research & Publications

Cougars also specialise in doing research under our Cougars' President, Dr. Bala. His training workouts are specifically and intricately designed from research studies that he has successfully accomplished. Cougars under him will train at a safe intensity, incorporating proper running techniques through running drills, and having adequate rest for recovery. All these are taken into consideration during his training workouts so that Cougars athletes train at their optimum, achieve fast timings, and simultaneously prevent injuries.

Cougars Research is constantly on-going to improve the standards of competitive running, develop the fitness in our Cougars Cubs and athletes, grooming them into all-rounded athletes. Furthermore, to promote athletics in Singapore and to bring glory to the nation.

You can get these peer reviewed full journal papers online. They are published in reputed international journals.

COUGARS CD/ Video Publications

* Cougars CD publications are only distributed to our Cougar members.


Optimal Exercise Intensity for Children

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