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79th Singapore Open 2017

Singapore Open 2017

Singapore Sports Hub

27 April - 28 April 2017

Cougars Honorary Secretary, Ng Yew Cheo, competed in the 10,000m Women Open during the 79th Singapore Open 2017. Tough race... She represented Team Singapore and won the silver medal - an international medal! All thanks to coach and President of Cougars, Dr. Bala, for all his time and effort in coaching. Cougars Assistant Honorary, Ms Yow Chea Nuan, and Vice-President Competitions Organising, Miss Peggy Boey, supported during the event too. Peggy also participated in the race.

Cheo at the prize ceremony, 2nd/ silver medal for 10,000m. Picture taken courtesy from Sports Hub.

Dr. Bala coaches athletes to run their best! Faster and stronger!

Cougars get tough and tougher with each race. GROWLLLLLL!

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