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Mr. Hemasagjiv (Committee Member)

Hema's discus throw

- Thrower (discus, shot put and javelin thrower)

Training under Bala is always a joy. His training sessions are extremely fun and I always look forward to every training session. I have grown a lot stronger and fitter over the years. My throwing distances have also improved! His training is the best!

Mr. Kirtiranjiv (Committee Member)

- Long distance runner (road races)

Bala has instilled passion for running in me since I was young. His training sessions are easy to follow and I always feel good after trainings. He looks into my training progress in great detail and looks after my overall well-being as an athlete. He provides the best training workouts for each individual. Training under Bala is most fun and enjoyable!

Miss Eunice Tan (Committee Member)

Eunice learning about the history of Singapore.

- Long distance runner (track & road races)

Training with Cougars has been fun, adventurous and a tremendous learning experience. I see my fitness improving and my timings are getting better too!

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