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Cougars Memories

Memories of our coaches and athletes, and their achievements


Eliza Ng Yu Jun achieved personal best timings before she left for the UK to study and did not reach her peak. Not sure what she would have achieved as these timings were achieved in a relatively short time of approximately 2.5 years with specialised annual training.

3000m SC: 12.14 mins (PB)
2000m SC: 7.52mins (PB)
1500m: 4.56 mins (PB)
800m: 2.23 mins (PB)

3000m: 11.22 mins (PB)
5000m: 19.30 mins (PB)

10km: 41.12 mins (PB)
Half marathon: 1:44.12 hrs (PB)

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