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COUGARS Hall of Fame

Dr. Bala (President)

- Former 3000m steeplechase National Champion

- Former national runner (800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 10 000m, track & road races) and Various International Marathons

- National schools track and field and road race representation

- Combine schools track and field representation

- USA Collegiate track and field and cross country team

- National Collegiate Athletic Association Qualifier (NCAA)

- SAA Team Manager – SEA Games, Laos (2009)

- SAA Team Manager – SEA Games, Singapore (2015)

- SAA Team Manager – SEA Youth Athletes, Thailand (2016)

- Singapore Athletics (SAA) Vice-President Training & Selection

- Singapore Athletics (SAA) Former Assistant Honorary Secretary

Cougars Hall of Fame

Started from 2016 when club established. 


From 2018 onwards, there will be no retroactive recognition. New inductees must possess all of the criteria/qualities below:

- Life member of Cougars

- Represented Singapore or any country in races/competitions

- Win medals in local track races or road races

- Represent the association in running races

- Possess good values like selflessness, perseverance, determination, courage and discipline

- Volunteers/participates in Cougars activities or events

- Volunteer of services to Cougars, external committees and to the general communities

- Athletes can either be coached by Cougars or other associations/organisations/individuals

Ng Yew Cheo (Honorary Secretary)

Date of award: 15 December 2018

Cheo was inducted as an Inaugural recipient under the Cougars Hall of Fame.

She is coached by Cougars' President, Dr Bala. She represented Singapore during the Singapore Open in 2017 for 10000m Women Open and won 2nd place. She also represented Cougars in other track events such as 800m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m; and has won medals for these events. This also includes road races whereby she runs 10km, half-marathon and has completed two full marathons. 

She has also volunteered for Cougars Athletic Association and the general communities with exemplary Cougar values of selflessness for public and association. She has volunteered and achieved beyond with a balanced workload of training, working and studying. 

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