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Cougars Patron


Theodore J. Angelopoulos, Ph.D., MPH., FACSM, FTOS


Professor and Chair

Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont, United States of America (USA)


Dr. Angelopoulos is a professor and chair in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science, where he teaches courses in the physical therapy and exercise science areas. His major research areas include adiposity, exercise, metabolism and physiogenomics. Specifically, Dr. Angelopoulos' research is focusing on: 1) the development of lifestyle interventions for the prevention and treatment of metabolic disease, 2) the role of regularly repeated exercise in modifying risk factors for cardio-metabolic disease and 3) the impact of dietary sugars in the development of adiposity and cardio-metabolic disease. In addition, Dr. Angelopoulos is the associate editor of the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.


Awards and Recognitions

8th EW Barker Professor, National Institute of Education, Nanyang University Singapore


Associations and Affiliations

American Physiological Society

American College of Sports Medicine


Cougars Athletic Association is greatly privileged and honoured to have Prof. Angelopoulos as our patron. With his expertise particularly in physical therapy and exercise science areas, he is a great influence and support to our Cougar members and aspiring young athletes. May this also pave the way for our athletes to become champions and elite athletes through proper sports science training!

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