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SAA VP Training & Selection: Dr. Bala - SEA Games Boost for Athletics with 1st Technical Directo

Read these three news articles on how Dr. Bala, SAA Vice-President Training and Selection, is raising the standards of Track and Field in Singapore with its new Technical Director, Mr. Herrmann Volker. Volker is recommended to SAA by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and is on a two-year contract.

"This is definitely a boost (for the Games), but the SEA Games is a short-term goal," said Balasekaran.

"We are looking at the long term, all the way to 2020, and we need to build the foundation (for the sport)."

"I think he's going to look into most of the things we have planned so far, like talent identification, development and mentoring coaches," he added.

"Hopefully this marks a new beginning for athletics."

Wonderful news for a new beginning for track and field in Singapore!

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