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Festival of Athletics 2019

Festival of Athletics

Kallang Practice Track

2 Nov 2019

Cougars are once again back on the track towards the end of the season. Training is definitely not easy but it is always satisfying to know that hard work pays off eventually.

Darine raced well for her 1500m and clinched the silver medal in the Women's Open category! She has been doing consistent timings during training and dedicated to her training regime. Shortly after the 1500m, it was the 5000m race. Cheo also managed to clinch the bronze medal in the 5000m Women's Open category.

Evening weather was cool with some slight strong wind. Overall, it is always challenging yet fun to be racing!

Congratulations to the both of them for the podium finishes!

After a year's of hard training and participating in numerous races, we and all Cougars are looking forward to chill and relax at Cougars After Dark on Dec 21st! This year's Cougars After Dark will definitely be better than the last one .... as Cougars always keep striving for the best year after year! Look forward to seeing you there!

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