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Cougars Annual General Meeting 2017

Cougars Athletic Association held their recent Annual General Meeting (AGM 2017).

It was an enjoyable and fun time at our AGM with our guests, Mr. Derek Yip and his wife, from Phiten, Singapore. Our members had a great time getting to know more about Phiten products.

Of course! Not missing out the delicious food and drinks, which were proudly sponsored by Bat Creations and Bat Dynasty.

In addition, we have Great News to announce! Our very own Cougars Cross Country 2017 will be happening real soon! To find out more details about it, please click HERE.

Cougars with Mr. Derek Yip, Business Development Manager, Phiten Singapore.

Cougars President, Dr. G. Balasekaran, presenting our exclusive Cougars member T-shirt to Derek.

GrowLLLLLL! What do the colours of our Cougars shirt signify?

The real boss is sitting in the center, youngest of us all.

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