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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2018

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2018

F1 Pit Building

9 December @4.30am

Cougars' athletes, Adriano and Cheo, participated in the recent SCSM 2018. It was Adriano's second marathon (42.2km) in a short period of time, running them back-to-back! He was on target for 35km to hit a personal best for his marathon but it was too tough.. Adriano still managed to complete the marathon in a credible nett time of 4hrs 21mins 35secs despite the gruelling race. Kudos to Adriano for completing the marathon! Well done!

As for Cheo, she came in overall 7th for local female category for the half marathon (21.1km) with a timing of 1hr 44mins 33secs! It was a good timing despite very little training done over the past 4 months due to work and studies.

It's time to unwind a little... and get ready for....


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