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Cougars @ RockTheNakedTruth 4x1km Relay

Rock The Naked Truth 4x1km Relay

12 Jan 2019

Outside Kallang Wave Mall

This is our first race of 2019!

Cougars, Adriano and Cheo, had the privilege to run with two other strong and sporty people, Sherwin and Shermin.

It was a good start for all of us with Adriano being the 1st runner, followed by Shermin, Cheo and Sherwin. The route was generally good, with a gentle up-slope for about 50-60m and the U-Turn at 500m mark. Even for this 1km, the marshals were at strategic points to ensure runners ran the correct route.

Our total time was sub 15mins, which also included the baton passing from one runner to the next. And being our first race... we also managed to come in 1st! It was a fast race for all of us as we pushed and did our very best!


Till the next race~

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