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Cougars @SAA Series 2

SAA Series 2

Kallang Practice Track (KPT)

16 & 17 Feb 2019

It is the start of the season for Cougars!

Over the recent weekend, Cougars, Darine & Cheo, raced at Series 2. On Saturday (16/2), both of them competed in the 1500m Women Open. Darine did her PB in this race and came in 5th! She has made great improvement from her previous races last year. Cheo ran a conservative 1500m to prepare for her 10,000m the next day and came in 4th.

Unfortunately for Sunday, the weather took a 180 degree turn. It started to pour heavily and there was lightning alert for more than an hour. Therefore, the rest of the late afternoon and evening races were cancelled due to the bad weather. Both Darine and Cheo were unable to compete in their races 800m and 10,000m respectively. The other races such as, 400m hurdles, 3000m and 5000m were also cancelled.

Overall, Darine did a great job in achieving her PB for 1500m. Keep up the good work Darine!

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