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Team Cougars @ Races in the Past Two Months

28 April 2019

Income Eco Run 2019

F1 Pit Building

To end the month of April, Darine, Adriano and Cheo raced again in another 10km road race, Income Eco Run. The route was well planned, especially at the last few km where the 21km runners were separated from the 10km runners. They did not have to weave through the runners though it felt that there were more people that participated. Not to mention, it was also more competitive for this race. The distance may have slightly longer - 10.1km (recorded from a few different GPS).

Anyhow, Adriano did a personal best again for his 10km with an unofficial gun time of 44.58mins! Well done Adriano! Darine managed to also maintain her timings (unofficial gun time: 51.32mins), which is a great feat for her considering that she also has to manage her studies together with training as well. Cheo did the exact same timing as her 10km race 2 weeks ago with an unofficial gun time of 44.37mins, though with a slightly longer distance.

After the race, they met up with familiar faces and friends of Cougars. It is always nice to see them at such races. Good run to all of them!

Cougars with friends, Jean and Syafiq. Well done to both of them too!

Keep running Cougars!

7 April 2019

2XU Compression Run 2019

F1 Pit Building

In the first weekend of April, Darine and Cheo ran the 10km road race organised by 2XU Compression. The first 6km was smooth until the 7km mark whereby the route was combined with the 21km. It was difficult having to weave through many people during the last few km and that took up quite a lot of energy. Despite that, Darine did a personal best official gun time of 50.58mins, coming in 12th! Fantastic job Darine! According to their official results (finally), Cheo came in 5th with a timing of 44.37mins, which was faster than Singapore Open.

At the start with the other runners in the morning...

Photos courtesy from 2XU Compression Team

28 March 2019

Singapore Open

Sports Hub/ National Stadium

Cheo represented Cougars Athletic Association in the Singapore Open, Women's Open 10000m that was held at the National Stadium. It's always an honour to run at the National Stadium as it brings about the right atmosphere of competing on the track. This race had two ladies from Myanmar and two other locals (NUS and NTU) that ran. Cheo came in 4th with an official timing of 45.09.7 mins. Well, 25 laps around the track is definitely no joke! Till the next 10000m on track...

At the start line for the Women's Open 10000m.

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