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Runaholics in May/June 2019 #cougarsaa

OSIM Sundown Marathon Singapore 2019

F1 Pit Building

Night races are always "kooler" to run. The slight rain before the race made it a perfect weather for the runners. Adriano outdid himself once again in the 21.1km, half marathon. He completed it in an official gun time of 1:37.59 hrs and came in 42nd placing in the open male category! He is improving steadily and progressively. Awesome run Adriano!

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Gisolfi 5km Run

On the other side of the globe, Peggy and Cheo, participated in the ACSM Gisolfi 5km Run. It was a warm morning, though the humidity levels were lower than what we are used to in Singapore. Despite being busy with work and studies, Peggy decided to go for it. She came in 62nd in the overall female category with a timing of 28.29.6mins. Cheo managed top 10 and came in 8th with a timing of 21.36.1mins. Amazingly, the results were out immediately and the runners could search for their timings and positions easily. It was a great race!

Clearly over the moon

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