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Inter Club 2019

51st Inter Club 2019

29 - 30 June 2019

Kallang Practice Track

Cougars are back at track racing again. On Saturday, we were fortunate to have a cool weather to race. Darine ran in the 1500m Women Open and was 0.2s close to her PB. Even though she had back-to-back races in these two days, she managed to achieve PB for her 800m that was held on Sunday! Well done Darine!

Cheo ran 10000m in the first day.. after the grueling 25 laps, she managed to clinch the bronze medal. The second day proved to be challenging, but nonetheless, she ran her second race, which was the 800m.

Here's an overview of Cougars' results:

Darine: 1500m - 6.10mins - 15th placing

Darine: 800m - 2.52mins - 11th placing

Cheo: 10000m - 45.32mins - 3rd

Cheo: 800m - 2.49mins - 8th

Besides all the competing, we caught up with some friends there. Nice to have a chat with them and congratulations to Grace Ng (NTU) for coming in 2nd for the 100m and 3rd for the 800m women open. Also congratulations to Joelle Chan (Flash Athletics Club) for qualifying for finals in the 200m women open and coming in 6th for the finals!

Great race!

Nicole (NTU) in 1st place, Xin Ying (NUS) in 2nd place and Cheo (Cougars) 3rd place.

Cougars with Joelle.

Cougars with Grace. It was indeed a really hot and sunny afternoon!

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