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Joy of Giving

In this year’s Christmas, Cougars Athletic Association is extremely grateful to kind souls who have helped some of our young athletes. Our sincere special thanks to Mrs Shirley Low and Mrs Yasmin El-Tayeb for sponsoring these athletes useful sporting items as gifts. Some of them do not come from well-to-do families and may not be as privilege as other kids. However, they are very willing to put in a lot of effort in their training which transcends into their school work. Despite such challenges faced, they have been training consistently and competing to reach their personal goals. This was also done in the midst of their national examinations… where it is possible to train and study simultaneously.

Their hard work, determination and focus paid off as all of them did very well in their studies and are moving on to the next phase of education! Congratulations!

Be brave, fast and strong like a Cougar! Growllllll~


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