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OMNI Rate of Perceived Exertion: Self-Regulation of Exercise Intensity

Students too can be taught about exercise intensity regulation as a safety tool which may prevent cardiovascular incidents or serious/mild injuries. Some fatal incidents or serious injuries could be triggered due to inappropriate exercise intensity. Inappropriate intensity or frequent inappropriate intensity may trigger underlying conditions or unknown congenital conditions inherent to the individual leading to a fatal incident. Read this study where children's OMNI Rate of Perceived (RPE) was used during two different exercise modalities of cycling and running. Both yielded same results at Ventilatory Breakpoint (Vpt). Vpt is an intensity which may be appropriate for physiological adaptations. Adults too can use the Adult OMNI Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) for intensity regulation but educating the young on exercise intensity regulation is far more important as the children and youths may be in tune with appropriate intensity when they get older. Be safe when you exercise and prevent incidents which may bring injuries or serious fatalities. Some may advocate intensity using heart rate (HR) and say it may be fine but remember that HR is affected by cardiac drift, caffeine, stress etc which may overestimate or underestimate exercise intensity and situate it as a higher or lower intensity load and may be inappropriate for that specific exercise or sports. This paper shows that even children and youths can reproduce and self-regulate exercise intensity accurately with RPE. Be safe using RPE and read the paper. IT IS YOUR CHOICE WHAT TOOL TO USE TO SELF-REGULATE EXERCISE INTENSITY. Choose wisely. Happy exercising safely.


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